Cūlinique® Serve-the-Slice™ Multi-Function Server




Cūlinique® Serve-the-Slice™ Multi-Function Server


Solve all three serving problems in one with this handy new kitchen tool. The perfect ’V’ shaped  6” blade allows easy apportionment of round cakes into equal portions. With tip at the center, simply lay blade atop cake and use to select desired number of portions, 16, 12, or 8, pivot and slice. The linear blade cuts all the way through, eliminating the  pesky need for tearing the last corner, while allowing full support of all serving sizes.


      • Multi-function; apportions, slices & serves
      • Easily slice through frozen ice cream-filled cakes!
      • 18/10 stainless steel blade with impact resistent handle
      • Full tang provides exceptional strength througout
      • Safety edged and dishwasher safe

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