Holi-Berry Gelatin Cake

Gelatin Filled Cake


1 yellow cake mix

Coat side “A” (the larger side) of two Culinique® brand food molds with non-stick cooking spray, using your fingertips to be sure all surfaces are well coated. Prepare cake mix according to package directions and pour into prepared molds, dividing batter equally. Level. Bake as directed or until the cakes start to pull away from the sides of the molds. Do not over bake. Cool to room temperature and chill. 


1 large package raspberry flavored gelatin

In a metal bowl, prepare gelatin according to package directions, using the ‘quick-set’ method. With a metal spoon inside the bowl, place in refrigerator to chill. Set timer for 20 minute intervals, stirring gelatin each time until it reaches a ‘spoonable’ consistency (no longer liquid and not yet solid). Using a turntable, spoon gelatin directly into ‘tunnel’ areas of BOTH chilled shells. Place ‘shells’ in refrigerator until gelatin is firm, about 30 minutes. Then, place the top shell (still on its cooling rack) right in front of you and the ‘plated’ one behind it. Grasp the top shell by placing your thumbs on the bottom of the cooling rack and your fingertips around the edges of the cake, as if it were a sandwich. Flip it over onto the plated layer. Chill.

Icing & Topping

1½ sticks butter, softened

3 C. confectioners’ sugar, sifted

1 egg white

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Red granulated sugar

Green granulated sugar

Cream butter and sugar together at medium speed of an electric mixer until smooth. Add egg white and beat two to three minutes more or until fluffy. Add vanilla and beat again. Using a turntable, spread all but ¼ of the icing smoothly all over the cake. Using a holiday stencil, sprinkle sugar as desired. Pipe the remaining icing through a pastry tube around the cake at the top and bottom. Serves 12.


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