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How to use Cūlinique® Surprise-Inside™ Food Molds




1. Spray – Apply non-stick cooking spray liberally to side ‘A’ of BOTH molds. Be certain all surfaces are coated. Do not flour.

2. Pour – Prepare one standard cake mix or other recipe and divide batter equally. Level.

3. Bake – Bake as directed. Cool 2-3 minutes.

4. Unmold – Place paper towels between cakes and cooling racks and unmold. Cool. Remove towels and chill or freeze as directed.

5. Fill – Choose moldable fillings such as custard, gelatin, ice cream, mousse or even fresh fruit, adding just enough glaze to coat. Spread filling into ‘tunnel’ areas of BOTH shells or use side ‘B’ of BOTH molds to bake fillings, such as classic cheesecake.

6. Flip – Flip top layer onto bottom. Ice and decorate as desired. Chill or freeze until serving.

7. Enjoy – Savor every bite and enjoy the compliments!






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